Tao Chen

Post Doctoral Associate


Research Areas

Renewable Energy, Power Systems, Electric Vehicles, Machine Learning


  1. Pourbabak, H., Luo, J., Chen, T., & Su, W. (2018). A novel consensus-based distributed algorithm for economic dispatch based on local estimation of power mismatch. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid9(6), 5930-5942.

  2. Chen, T., Zhang, B., Pourbabak, H., Kavousi-Fard, A., & Su, W. (2018). Optimal routing and charging of an electric vehicle fleet for high-efficiency dynamic transit systems. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid9(4), 3563-3572.

  3. Chen, T., & Su, W. (2018). Indirect customer-to-customer energy trading with reinforcement learning. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid.

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Tao Chen