The electric power system supports the continuous operation of military installations, including mission-critical facilities, at both the component and systems levels. A reliable, efficient, and secure power system is necessary for the operation of critical buildings within a base as well as for the operation of the base as a whole. The same requirement is true for deployed forces in forward operating bases, which must be put into service quickly and reliably. Distributed and autonomous subsets of larger electric power grids, known as microgrids, can increase the security and reliability of electricity supply for such facilities, provided they are capable of intelligently networking and controlling a variety of local distributed energy resources (DER), particularly renewable energy resources.

The objective of this SERDP proof-of-concept project was to model and simulate a specialized microgrid called an Intelligent Distributed Autonomous Power System (IDAPS) to evaluate opportunities for power consumption or load control and the dispatch of DERs. The intent was to determine the capability of IDAPS for integrating renewable energy technologies and thus minimizing reliance on energy sources external to a military installation.


The project was sponsored by US Dept of Defense SERDP-ESTCP under grant EW-1650

Final Report

Modeling and Simulation of a Distributed Generation-Integrated Intelligent Microgrid