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Acquisition of FDS for Oil-immersed Insulation at Transformer Hotspot Region Based on Multi-constraint NSGA Model

January 19, 2022

Authors:  Xianhao Fan, Jiefeng Liu, Goh Hui Hwang, Yiyi Zhang, Chaohai Zhang and Saifur Rahman

Journal: IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics, Vol. 69, Issue 12, December 2022


Abstract: The evaluation of the state of transformer oil-immersed insulation based on the traditional methods becomes unreliable due to the nonuniform aging effect. To address this issue, a novel model for accessing the aging information of transformer oil-immersed insulation at the hotspot is proposed. In this article, frequency-domain spectroscopy (FDS) is selected as the carrier for characterizing the aging states of oil-immersed insulation. The multiobjective function for reversing the FDS of the hotspot is constructed based on the dielectric response equivalent circuit. Then, the nondominated sorting genetic algorithm with the multiconstraint scheme is proposed to solve the multiobjective function, by which the FDS data of the transformer hotspot region are acquired. The verification results indicate that the average standard deviation between the computed FDS of the hotspot region and the measured data is less than 0.26. The contribution of this article is in the exploration of the proposed model as a potential tool to extract the FDS data of the hotspot region. This will promote a more reliable aging evaluation of the transformer oil-immersed paper insulation at the hotspot.