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Mitigation of Wind Output Curtailment by Coordinating with Pumped Storage and Increasing Transmission Capacity

July 30, 2015

Authors: Jin Zou, Student Member, IEEE, Saifur Rahman and Xu Lai

Conference2015 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, 26-30 July 2015, Denver, CO, USA


Abstract: Integrating additional wind energy into the existing power system may cause wind curtailment due to the system operational constraints and reliability requirements. Effective ways to mitigate this problem are to use energy storage or increase transmission capacity. In this paper, the impacts of coordinating with pumped storage and increasing transmission capacity on wind output curtailment mitigation are analyzed by formulating a mixed integer linear programming problem. A detailed operational model of a pumped storage plant along with other system operational constraints are developed to study the wind curtailment problem. Simulation results in the modified IEEE 30 bus system show that wind curtailment can be significantly decreased by adding pumped storage into the power system or by increasing transmission capacity.